Welcome to Cycle2Win

The cycle2win program is developed for the road or mountain bike enthusiast wanting to take his or her cycling to the next level.
The program provides all the necessary components to analyze, prescribe and implement a specific program for each person needs.
The program uses the latest technology suunto fitness devices as well as skin fold body fat analysis and computerized assessment techniques.

The 5 components of the cycle to win program are:
1. Fitness assessment and goal setting
2. Specific program design
3. Nutritional Plan
4. Correct supplementation
5. Evaluation and follow up

The Cycle2Win program will include:
- Assessment and goal setting session (1hr)
- Program design including all components of fitness (flexibility, strength, heart rate training, plyometric training )
- Nutritional eating plan with exchange list and pre event meal recommendations
- 3 additional follow ups are conducted with the fitness testing performed each session and on going education and updating of eating and cycling program.

Program components:
- Assessment R250
- Program design R250
- Nutritional plan R250
- Follow up assessment R250

Full program special R899

Supplements will be suggested according to personal nutritional deficiencies and sport specific requirements.

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