What is MAT?

Muscle Activation Techniques is a dynamic muscular assessment system that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances. It has been successful in the reduction and elimination of pain and fatigue, as well as enhancing muscle recovery in athletes and non-athletes alike.

Muscle Activation Techniques prepares the body regardless of which type of physical activity is performed. Whether it is running, golf, tennis, weight training or simply walking up stairs, the MAT procedure addresses weak links within the muscular system.

MAT allows the body to function more efficiently by coordinating muscle balance while minimizing pain.

Imagine rowing a boat down a river. You have five rowers, only three are working. The boat will reach its destination, but at the expense of the three rowing. Typical methods of treatment work to strengthen the three rowers. This allows the strong to get stronger while the weak get weaker. MAT works differently. The MAT approach is to teach the two weak rowers in the boat to row, allowing the workload to be distributed evenly.

What is Muscle Activation?
It is a system designed to teach you to raise your levels of performance on the field, in the gym, at the office and in your home. Teaching you to understand the way your body functions and how you can easily tap into its unlimited resources, giving you more ...

More what?

• Strength
• Power
• Sensations
• Performance
• Joy
• Pain
• Relaxation
• Endurance
• Vision
• Ability
• Control
• Choices
• Speed
• Understanding
• Connection
• Co-ordination
• Responsibility
• Profit
• Confidence
• Love

When your body and mind move with clear intention all areas of our lives become open to new possibilities. You can use it as a system to just improve your physical performance; giving you more strength, power, flexibility, endurance, speed and skill. You can use it as a system to interrupt stress in your life, improving your overall well-being; identifying areas that weaken you in your world and addressing them.

You can use it as a way to move through mental and emotional blocks, achieving greater clarity in your world. However you choose to use it the philosophy is the same – it is just where you choose to apply it that differs.

Principles of Muscle Activation:
When you are defending, you cannot be performing
What is in the mind is in the body
What is in the body is in the mind
When we connect the mind to the muscle the body shifts immediately

Muscle activation R300 per session (approx 50min)
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