Welcome to Run2Win

The Run2win program is designed to develop the knowledge and performance of any avid runner.

These athletes will learn the following:
- Body composition and body fat %
- How to follow a specific program
- How to eat correctly
- How and why to supplement
- The benefit of monthly evaluation to assist the athlete with progression of training

The program uses the latest technology suunto fitness devices as well as skin fold body fat analysis and computerized assessment techniques

The 5 components of the Run2Win program are:
1. Fitness assessment and goal setting
2. Specific program design
3. Correct eating plan
4. Correct supplementation
5. Evaluation and follow up

3 monthly follow ups will be performed including:
Body fat %
- Girth measurements
- Endurance test
- Strength test
- Flexibiity test
- 3 min cardiovascular step test
- Re evaluation and program adjustments will occur

Program components:
- Assessment R250
- Program design R250
- Nutritional plan R250
- Follow up assessment R250

Full program special R899

Supplements will be suggested according to personal nutritional deficiencies and sport specific requirements.
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